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State of the Art Remote Monitoring System

KOMTRAX for construction equipment is Komatsu's state of the art remote monitoring system. As expected, KOMTRAX will keep track of where your machines are and how much they are working. What will pleasantly surprise you is how easy it is to make KOMTRAX an everyday part of your business. Without pinging or your direct involvement, KOMTRAX can keep you informed of machine location changes or notable machine health issues. And while KOMTRAX is keeping you informed of notable events, it's seamlessly gathering important data such as working effort and idle time that can help you coach operators to improve efficiencies and get more work done faster while burning less fuel.


KOMTRAX gives you the knowledge to empower you to make fact-based, strategic business decisions regarding your machines and their operations. This pays off in increased productivity and availability, proactive support, smarter management, and much more.


The information KOMTRAX reports will vary by machine model for Komatsu Equipment. Below is a listing of information your machine may be able to provide. Contact your local Komatsu Distributor to find out the specific information your machine is capable of reporting.

  • Service Meter Reading
  • Location
  • Operation Map (Times of day the engine was on/off),
  • Fuel Consumption
  • Residual Fuel Level
  • Residual Diesel Emissions Fluid (DEF) Level
  • High Water Temperature during the day's operation
  • Dashboard Cautions
  • Maintenance Reminders/Notifications
  • Abnormality codes
  • Engine Lock
  • Out of Area Alerts
  • Movement Position Reports
  • Actual Working Hours (Engine on time less idle time)
  • Attachment Working Hours
  • Digging Hours
  • Hoisting Hours
  • Travel Hours
  • Breaker Usage Hours
  • Hydraulic relief Hours
  • Eco-mode Usage Hours
  • Komatsu Diesel Particulate Filter Performance
  • Payload
  • Odometer readings
  • Dump Count
  • Operation Hours in Each Work Mode (Economy, Power, Breaker, Lifting)
  • Load Frequency (Hours spent in four different load levels determined by pump pressures or engine torque)


Komtrax for Tier 4

KOMTRAX 5.0 is the most sophisticated KOMTRAX to date and is standard equipment on Komatsu Tier 4 models. Some features are specific to certain models. Contact your Komatsu Distributor for more information.


KOMTRAX 5.0 is designed to provide you data that increases your peace of mind. You'll be confident:

  1. Knowing that your operators are taking full advantage of the efficiencies designed into the machines.
  2. Knowing that the machines' Tier 4 technologies are working seamlessly doing their job removing soot and nitrous oxides from the exhaust.


In addition to the information reported in earlier versions of KOMTRAX, KOMTRAX 5.0 includes:

  • KDPF (Komatsu Diesel Particulates Filter) soot count
  • Active Regeneration Time
  • Fuel used during active regeneration
  • KDPF cautions
  • Residual Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) level
  • Operator ID

KOMTRAX 5.0 also enhanced abilities to report:

  • Travel Hours
  • Travel Distances
  • Working Modes
  • Cycle Times
  • Max Speed

Fuel Efficiency & Productivity

The one variable that many underestimate in determining fuel efficiency and productivity is the operator. An operator who is focused on improvement can get the same amount of work done in less time and with less fuel than an operator who isn't. Used purposely, KOMTRAX becomes a very efficient operator coaching tool.

How do you use KOMTRAX as a coaching tool? Very simply you use KOMTRAX data to benchmark key efficiency indicators such as idle time, time in economy mode and hydraulic relief time and then set goals that encourage your operators to maximize production. Once benchmarked, KOMTRAX supplies the future measurements that become the feedback mechanism.


KOMTRAX data can help you lower your Owning and Operating costs by reducing fuel expenses and eliminating unproductive machine hours that drive depreciation and repair and maintenance costs.


KOMTRAX includes a variety of reports and records all designed to help you keep your Komatsu machines efficient and healthy. Depending on the model these can include:

  • Fleet Reports
  • Machine History Reports
  • Status Summaries
  • Location Summaries
  • Energy Savings
  • Fuel Consumption
  • Attachment Usage
  • Travel Records
  • Working Load Records
  • Caution Records
  • And More.

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