十大菠菜靠谱老平台 is proud to be a Premier distributor for Sennebogen. 我们的 relationship with Sennebogen has helped us meet the needs of our customers. All Sennebogen’s products are built with 6 key fundamentals: Safety, 灵活性, 效率, 简单, 运营成本, 和可访问性.



With the largest portfolio of material handlers in the world, we have the right solution for all your scrap handling challenges. Thanks to the modular construction of our machines, 这是有可能满足个人, customer-specific requirements for demanding applications in the scrap industry.

  • Robust design and long-lasting hydraulic components
  • Efficient electric engines are optional on all machine types
  • Operator safety (bullet proof windshield, protective guard on cab)
  • 附件种类广泛, aligned to the machines: orange peel grab, 磁铁板, 快速更换系统和报废剪


You benefit from robust and powerful Pick & Carry machines that can deal effortlessly with your timber handling tasks and operate with trailers. SENNEBOGEN also offers individual process and handling solutions for sawmills and log yards in all machine categories.

  • Robust and compact design for tight maneuvering
  • Maximum safety thanks to 8 x tires and protective guard on cab
  • Balancer material handlers for a bigger work radius, perfect for sorting work
  • Excellent agility thanks to 360° rotation of the uppercarriage
  • Reduce operating costs with proven energy saving systems


SENNEBOGEN material handlers assist with the unloading, sorting and reloading of materials in the recycling sector. 的, 有时, difficult working conditions in the recycling industry require special protection for people and machines. Your machines need to be robust enough to deal with a wide range of demands. 我们的 machines are able to deal with the processing of all recycling materials such as used paper, 使用木材, 浪费, 旧轮胎, 废料及建筑废物.

  • Robust, precision crafted steel design and long-lasting hydraulic components
  • 服务-friendly design with engine installed in the longitudinal direction
  • Efficient electric engines are optional on all machine types
  • Dust protection for people and machines and safe operation with the elevating cab


With increasing demands on port logistics, there is more call for specially adapted material handlers. 这要归功于它的模块化菠菜靠谱老平台概念, SENNEBOGEN offers a wide selection of efficient and powerful material handlers and port cranes – individually configured to meet your requirements:

  • Balancer concept for a bigger work radius, perfect for use in port
  • Big energy saving potential thanks to the proven SENNEBOGEN Green Hybrid system
  • Clearest view thanks to the versatile cab elevation and Portcab
  • Corrosion protection thanks to special sea climate resistant coating
  • Various undercarriage options thanks to modular machine construction

疏浚 & 修复

  • SENNEBOGEN offers a wide range of duty cycle cranes – individually concepted and designed for your demands.


Whether you are building or tearing down, SENNEBOGEN应用专家, engineering support and flexible manufacturing will help you go to work with the specialized system you need.

  • Compact, transportable loaders for onsite processing equipment
  • Efficient, mobile debris handling to consolidate piles and load trucks
  • Magnets and mag-grab attachments quickly recover rebar and metals from debris
  • Specialized safety cabs and long-reach configurations available


Handling pipe requires a precise handling for efficient stacking and placement, and to ensure long life underground and in exposed environments. With specialized attachments and famously responsive hydraulics, SENNEBOGEN pipe-handlers are purpose-built “from the underground up” to:

  • 堆栈 & 有效地装载重型管道库存
  • 尽量减少饰面损伤 & 涂料
  • Allow precise placement quickly, above or below grade
  • Maximize uptime within seasonal production windows


At SENNEBOGEN, every machine is built “specially” for the job. So we’re more than ready to help you configure and equip the best machine for your “special” application.

With our factory’s modular approach to manufacturing and extensive use of off-the-shelf wear parts, you can have a SENNEBOGEN machiner built to order at a cost comparable to stock machines from other OEMs.

Plus, your custom machine will have the same assured parts & service support that other SENNEBOGEN customes enjoy all over the Americas.